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Humainologie Key Collaborators

Richard (he/him) is a lifelong lover of images and stories, who gets immense joy from the endless learning and creativity that comes with being able to merge those things for a living. He has slowly migrated west from his birthplace in Manitoba, living in the Saskatchewan prairies before spending most of his life in Alberta, while now enjoying permanent “island life” in Victoria.

With a background in television production and documentary filmmaking, he has been honoured to amplify a cross section of voices from coast to coast through Humainologie for nearly a decade, working on dozens of short films as a Director of Photography and Post-production Lead. Richard is continuously driven to apply his passion for social equity and meaningful cinematic storytelling.

Live music.
Slappin’ the bass.

Person alive you would most like to have dinner with.
Larry David.

An unusual achievement.
Singing a duet on stage with Fred Penner.

A childhood experience that influenced your life.
My mother died when I was 8, but she continues to teach, influence and inspire me!

Priscilla (she/her/elle) is a programmer with CJSW and the in-game host for Calgary Surge Basketball. A past Producer for Telus STORYHIVE, Priscilla is a free-spirited storyteller as well as a peer support specialist with a passion for people and creative collaborations with equally uplifting energies.

She first connected with Humainologie in 2019 as an event panelist. In 2022, Priscilla organized Humainologie's Jane's Walk and worked on the Humans of Calgary platform. Priscilla has also collaborated with Humainologie in her role as past Curator/Speaker Liaison and Coach for TedxYYC and currently as the Co-Chair of TedxYYC. She has recently been cast in Season Two of SHADES: Amplify her Voice.

Roller dancing.
All things arts and crafts.
Somatic Abolitionism.
White cheddar popcorn.

Qualities you value in people.
Humility, compassion and humor. I'm not a fan of "cancel culture" and value those who allow space for others to grow and recognize that we're all just humans trying our best.

Something you are working on.
Not procrastinating, saying "no" to make room for more aligned "yes'" and becoming a better ancestor -leaving this earth better than I found it.

A childhood experience that influenced your life.
Watching the video countdown show BET's 106 & Park and witnessing the host on television, Free Marie, with an afro as big as her personality (I also had an afro at the time). Experiencing that representation and seeing someone that looked like me in a position of influence is the very thing that encouraged me to pursue my love for broadcast journalism.

Chantal (she/her) was born to Afro-Caribbean and Indo-Caribbean parents and raised in Mohkinstsis (Calgary). She was first introduced to Humainologie in 2019 through her work at Gentle Lion Communications. As Lead Strategist & Client Relations Manager at GLC, Chantal brings strategic savvy, imaginative expression, and sincere determination to clients and their teams.

With Humainologie, Chantal has had the pleasure of lending her voice and lending a hand to a little bit of everything that brings her joy, from organizational strategy to social media and events.

Pink, purple, and gold sunsets.
Honey hot sauce.
Live music.
My mom.

Person alive you would most like to have dinner with.
Issa Rae.

Qualities you value in people.
The ability to build and create. Artists, writers, musicians - anyone who brings ideas to life.

An unusual achievement.
I’m one of 45 “Villagers” illustrated on the pints at Village Ice Cream (my happy place).

Ximena (she/her), pronounced he-men-ah, is a Bachelor of Film Studies and Radio, Television, and Broadcast News graduate from the University of Calgary and SAIT. She is an indie filmmaker from Acapulco, Mexico, whose life-long mission is to tell inspiring and heartfelt stories that are thought-provoking and encourage social commentary.

Ximena first started working with Humainologie in 2021 as a Director of Photography for SHADES: Amplify Her Voice. Her honed cinematographic skills allow her to achieve stunning imagery that truly portrays the essence of a story. Ximena believes in the importance of diversifying and amplifying underrepresented voices in film.

Family reunions.
Movies with a bowl of salt & vinegar chips.
Hot sauce.

A childhood experience that influenced your life.
My family and I used to go to the movies every Sunday. Consequently, the experience of movie-watching with my loved ones truly inspired me to become a filmmaker.

Person alive I would most like to have dinner with.
Guillermo del Toro. Despite being a well-known director, he looks like a passionate and genuine person, so I would love to have a deep conversation with him about his passion for horror films and monsters.

Favourite season and why.
I would say fall is my favourite season because I love wearing cozy clothing. There’s something magical about the smell and the changing colours of the trees. Coming from a place where summer lasts all 365 days, fall quickly became a personal favourite.

Jessica (she/her) is a Filipino-Canadian filmmaker based in Calgary, AB. She has worked in wedding videography, documentary filmmaking, and has directed and produced music videos, and more recently, has been involved in the production of short films. She is incredibly passionate about visual storytelling, and creating moments on film that invoke emotion and contemplation.

Bubble tea.
Mountain biking/road cycling.
Movie nights with friends.

Person alive you would most like to have dinner with.
Honestly, as of right now, I'd love to sit down and have dinner with Greta Gerwig. Partly because of what she's done with Barbie, but also I think her directorial mind is fascinating.

Favourite season and why.
My favourite season is the fall. There's something about being able to wear comfortable clothes/layers and cool weather but not quite freezing weather. And you can't beat the stunning colours of autumn!

Something you are working on.
I’m currently in the middle of editing a music video I had shot for my friend, The Analog Dream. I’ve got a few more music videos lined up in the fall, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Board of directors

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Kate Mak (she/her)

Bijan Maysami (he/him)

Mike Simoens

Venkat Somasundaram (he/him)

Subiksha Subramani (she/her)

Ris Wong (they/them)