amplifying underrepresented voices


At Humainologie, our mission is to centre people facing systemic barriers by amplifying their stories and celebrating their humanity. Our platform is a place where they are the main characters.

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If only there were a way to carbon copy the ethos of Humainologie. They care deeply about their work, and even deeper about the people they work with. I consistently feel seen, supported and respected by them, as though I belong and have a place in this world.

- Priscilla

Humainologie is a beacon of hope for me. It has offered me a place to hear other people's voices, and to use my own. The events they put on show me there are other people in this world wanting to truly see and learn from one another, and from that, there lives so much hope. 

- Shannon

Humainologie is a caring and thriving place that supports local artists, but not only. When I participated in the Short Story festival, I didn't know I would be welcomed in such a wonderful community determined to participate in the positive evolution of our society. You are undeniably part of the people that make me call Calgary home; a home I am happy to live in.

- Diane

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