The Evolution Of


The Calgary Centre for Global Community (CCGC) was founded as a non-profit under the Companies Act (Alberta) by Dr. Arthur Clark.


Our organization started focusing on storytelling as a way to bridge gaps and create healthy global community.


Humainologie was created as the main division of the CCGC.

Humainologie was focused on creating a more humane world, recognizing that we are all human and therefore perfectly imperfect. Initially, Humainologie’s primary focus was storytelling to create empathy and inclusion.


Humainologie held its first ever Empathy Week, an annual week-long festival (June 1-7) to foster empathy and celebrate our shared humanity.


After creating over 50 short films, mostly sharing the stories of individuals from communities that experience systemic barriers, Humainologie revised its mission and vision.


Humainologie passed the Empathy Week initiative to unLikely Friends to run the festival moving forward.

Now, Humainologie is focused on continuing to build relationships, collaborating in community, and amplifying even more voices.