Anointment Soap

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Made in Canada, all natural, and not tested on animals. Anointment Soap comes in five different types:

Calendula: A mild soap with calendula flowers and calendula infused olive oil from Calendula flowers grown in the Anointment garden. Scent-free.

Oatmeal and Honey: A must-have for itchy skin, this soap contains Maritime-grown organic oats and honey from our backyard beehives at Four Corners Apiary.

Seaweed: Exfoliating Nova Scotia sea kelp and Rosemary essential oil. Recommended for oily skin.

Lavender: Smooth with no exfoliants (no scratchy bits), this soap contains universally appealing lavender essential oil. Promoting feelings of calm.

Shave: A practical alternative to shave gels and creams with French green clay for glide and castor oil for lather. Great for beards, legs, underarms and everywhere you shave.